You may be surprised to discover that a simple chair can actually improve your health. Well, the truth is that a bean back chair has a variety of health benefits. After all, there wouldn’t be a Yogibo vs Moon Pod battle raging right now if there weren’t. Now, you don’t have to join this crazy Yogibo vx Moon Pod challenge to find a great bean bag chair, but you do need to know how one can make you feel better.

They Encourage Correct Posture

One of the best ways to improve your posture is to make sure you have a chair that encourages you to use correct posture while you’re sitting. There are many ergonomic desk chairs on the market, but few of them can conform to your body and provide you with the exact support you need like a bean bag can. Your spine is fully supported with a bean bag chair because it adjusts to your weight and body shape. Some bean bag chairs even promise there will be no pressure points when you sit on them, making it comfortable to sit with correct posture, unlike in a fixed-height chair.

Health Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs

They Alleviate Tension Headaches

You know that headache that you get when you come home from a pressure-filled day at work? Sitting in a bean bag chair can instantly lessen your headache pain. This is related to your posture, so when you’re sitting with all parts of your body adequately supported, you remove the trigger for your tension headache. When you sit in the wrong position for too long, it puts pressure on your spine, neck, and shoulders, all of which can lead to headaches.

They Relieve Back Pain

There are dozens of causes of back pain, but one major contributor is sitting at a desk in a stiff chair for too long. If you forget to get up and walk around at least once an hour or to stretch frequently, your back can stiffen up and become painful. Just as a proper mattress can help your back feel better, a bean bag chair can do the same by providing your spine with the correct amount of support for your body type and weight. If you can work on a laptop computer while seated in a body-conforming bean bag chair, you’re likely going to experience fewer backaches than if you sit in an improperly adjusted chair at your desk.

They Can Help Heal From Injuries

Since you can properly support any part of the body with a bean bag chair, it’s a great tool for injury recovery that requires support while they heal. For example, broken bones often need to be supported even when in a cast for at least the first couple of weeks. A bean bag will gently cradle your broken bone and not sink down as a pillow might. In fact, many people who have suffered injuries find that they sleep better on a bean bag chair during recovery because they don’t have to worry about their injured body part not having adequate support, which can cause the limb to ache. 

Health Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs


While bean bag chairs often get a bad reputation for just being furniture for kids, they can actually provide people of all ages with many posture-related health benefits. Just be sure to purchase a high quality product that advertises the support you need to help your body stay properly aligned and balanced.

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