With increasing wage gaps and poverty, people are forced to do things that could harm others. You could also be a victim of such acts and being prepared for it is always a good idea. To protect your property, you need to implement a lot of different strategies depending on where you are. Finding the most effective strategies could mean a lot of experimentation. This is especially true for people who are living in high-risk areas. However, there are some tools like solar flood lights that simply work every time. There are several other ways as well in which you can avoid potential acts of burglary. To help you keep yourself and your property safe, we are sharing the best ways in which you can scare off burglars.

  1. Solar Flood Lights

Most robberies typically take place at nighttime as the darkness provides cover for the robbers. While burglars are typically armed and ready to deal with any threat, they often prefer to stay hidden and simply get what they want and disappear. However, with solar lights installed on your property, you can deter them quite effectively. These lights charge during the day using solar energy from the sun and then turn on at night whenever someone goes by. They typically also have motion sensors in them, allowing them to detect movement. You can place them in all key entrances of your property, so no one has a chance to come in when it is dark. With built-in batteries that charge daily, you never have to worry about power either.

Four Ways to Scare Off Potential Burglars

  1. Get a Dog

Barking dogs are a big problem for burglars as they can alert a lot of people in the area, making it difficult for the burglars to stick around. Most burglars know about this and if they see any signs of a dog being present on the property, they usually back off. While having an actual dog is the safest option, you can also fake it by either getting audio of a barking dog playing by your door or simply putting something like a dog food bowl outside your door. If you do get a dog, pairing it with solar flood lights would work great as they would immediately notice the lights turning on.

  1. Add Extra Security

Another thing that is worth looking into is high tech security for your property. Having good quality locks on every door can make it quite difficult for burglars to break in and steal your stuff. A good extra measure here would be to introduce passcode protected locks or even fingerprint locks. These locks do not use keys so using lockpicks to break in would also not be an option. There are a lot of companies that provide comprehensive security and surveillance systems that cover this as well. With a good camera recording everything and good quality lights identifying whoever goes by, you can be sure to reduce the chances of burglars visiting your property significantly.

  1. Ask your Neighbors for Help

The oldest and consistently effective method of avoiding burglaries is to have good relations with your neighbors. If you are leaving your property for a long time, you can simply ask your neighbors to keep an eye out. You may also ask them to come and stay at your place while you are gone.

Ask your Neighbors for Help


Good security is extremely important for protecting your property and yourself. Having the right tools like a good quality light and a camera can make a big difference for you. Most of all, they are the perfect deterrent and could help you feel secure in a dangerous area.

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