It’s amazing how people fuse technology and their creativity Thibault Charroppin, is a talented video editor and he decided to put his and his cat’s skills to good use by creating these hilarious movie clips. Amazing performances of his cat have captured the hearts of her 445k Instagram following with some of the videos gathering over one million views.

Meet Lizzy! Also known as Owl Kitty and she is dark in color. Owl Kitty is going viral for her amazing performances in nothing else but famous Hollywood movies, she is the latest sensation that has hit Instagram and you can see why. Cats are well known for their skills at hunting, manipulating humans to get treats, and winding up the family dog. But did you know they are also excellent at acting? Well, some of them are.

Cats are known to possess all kinds of talents. They are great at hunting, excellent at manipulating humans to get treats, and apparently, they are amazing actors.

More info: Instagram

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