Shoutout to the Cat-Lovers! No matter how many times your little kitty bites you, gnaw at you or chomp you, you still love them, don’t you? 

Cats were first domesticated many years ago by the Egyptians. Since then, they’ve been a part of human civilizations. However, their ancestors’ ferocity is still in their DNA and obviously in their canines. With their sharp yet cute Dracula teeth, cats can look extremely fierce, yet adorable and funny.

Check out the adorable ‘Teefie’ pictures of cats below!

#1 The Best Portrait


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#2 Angry Teefies

Anger teefs from r/teefies

#3 Smiling For The Camera Like:

Me: “Smile for the camera” from r/scrungycats

#4 When You Like Someone And Don’t Know How To Act

Cats, like humans, have baby teeth that fall out after some time and permanent teeth that help them feed themselves for the rest of their lives. Their teeth too can get infected and discolored. Although cats act all high and almighty, they only have 30 teeth. As for kittens, it’s just 28. 

Kittens look like tiny whiny vampires for a certain period of time because their first baby teeth to break out are the incisors and canines when they are 5 to 6 weeks old. Their permanent teeth show up, starting from the incisors, about 5 to 10 weeks later. The canines make their entrance only when the cats are 12 to 20 weeks old. Meanwhile, the premolars start to erupt as well. The last to enter is the hard-to-see molars which appear when the cats are about 20 to 24 weeks old. 

The most important fact that you should pay attention to is brushing their teeth. If doing it regularly is uncomfortable, get the cat’s teeth cleaned at least once a year by a vet. Now, even if you add the responsibility of a cat onto your already piled up workload, you still have to do it right! Or else, there will be consequences. 

#5 Little Brand New Teefies

Brand New Teefies from r/teefies

#6 The Brightest Teefie Smile

Someone said you guys might like Milo! from r/teefies

#7 Halloween Training

Training him for Halloween next month ?? from r/teefies

#8 Teefies Or Freckles?

Not sure if I love his teefies or freckle more from r/teefies

#9 This Pumpkin Is Mine!

I choose this pumpkin from r/teefies

#10 Smirking Cat

Caught him smirking from r/teefies

#11 Yum Yum Yum!

Om nom nom ? from r/teefies

#12 Big-Eyed Beauty

You can never trust another person you meet. You couldn’t even afford to blink in a crowd. from r/NamFlashbacks

Regarding complications in cats’ teeth, Dr. Ernie Ward stated: “If your cat’s tooth becomes broken, infected, or is causing severe pain, tooth extraction may be required. The procedure is identical to a human having a tooth pulled.”

“About 80 percent of adult cats have serious problems with their teeth, especially a condition called periodontal disease. The periodontal disease looks like stained or dirty teeth, but underneath that discoloration lies gum infection. This infection can spread harmful bacteria throughout the body, damaging heart valves, kidneys, liver, and causing intense pain”, Dr. Ward added.

#13 Happiest Kitten I’ve Ever Seen!

happy kitten from r/teefies

#14 Up Close And Personal

Up close and personal from r/teefies

#15 Say Cheese!


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#16 Vampire Cat


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#17 Just One Toof

singular toof from r/teefies

#18 Napping With Teefies Out

My neighbours cat, Rufus, likes to nap at my house, teefies out and all! from r/teefies

#19 Attack Teefies

Attack Teefies!! from r/teefies

#20 Destructive Teefies

Box destroying teefies from r/teefies

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