The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest dog breed in the world. They are also a game dog breed in the world with a big history. Because of their strength, these dogs were used in war to pull off men from horses and carriages. Not only that but also the ancient man used these gamers to hunt deer, boar, wolves, etc.

Now, the culture has completely changed. Dogs don’t do all the hard work they used to do. They have come so close to human interactions over time, and are being raised as pets. Actually most of the domestic dogs are considered as a part of human families and these cute, innocent creatures receive maximum attention, love, and affection from their human mommies and daddies.

Especially, the Irish Wolfhounds are now considered to be human-friendly, sweet, innocent, lovable, and affectionate dogs. Also, these fellows don’t forget to act crazy or silly with their owners.

Scroll Down To Check How Cute And Funny They Are

#1 We Want Your Toast

#2 Big Baby Is Sitting On Grandma’s Lap


My Irish wolfhound, sitting on grandma’s lap. He has no idea how big he is. from r/aww

#3 Photobomb

#4 My Comfy Pillow

Having a dog is not a pain, it’s an investment. No matter how hard your day was, your dog can snap you out of any pain or any kind of bad mood that you are in, in faster than you can think.


My dad, who always complains about the dogs from r/aww

The existence of an animal that requires care can turn a sick person’s focus outward and away from their illnesses and worries.



#7 This Tall Boy

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