Online shopping can be a lifesaver for busy people who don’t have the time or desire to spend their mornings hunting for the perfect dress, shirt, or pair of jeans. But before you click “order,” think twice. That’s right—shopping online is essentially a gamble. You’re taking a massive risk by purchasing something you’ve never seen in person. And sometimes, the results can be downright hilarious.

Today, we’ve gathered 17 funny moments where people got a little more (or less) than they bargained for with their online purchases. These photos perfectly reveal the reality of online shopping. So, be wary of too-good-to-be-true advertisements and always read the reviews to see real testimonials from other buyers.

Scroll down to see these online shopping fails, and get ready to laugh out loud! Don’t forget to like, share, and rate your favorite moments. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

#01 “Maybe One Day I Will Get Beautiful”

Source: funnydays65

#02 “Ugh! It’s Not The Same Thing As The Other. It’s Not Like The Ad!

Source: rvchickadee

#03 Will You Wear This Dress To The Wedding? Are You The Serious Bride?

Source: byninacherie

#04 “When I Tried To Be Sexy ….”

Source: sarah_wonderlandss

#05 “How Do You Think About My New Dress With A Slit?”

Source: Instagram

#06 “Thanks To This Woman’s Amazon Review, I Promptly Removing This Dress From My Cart!”

Source: JivyNme

#07 “Where Can I Pass This Dress?”

Source: Imgur

#08 “When Your Dress Looks Just Like The Pic Online”

Source: Kaylie_Nelson16

#09 “I’m Hoping For A Refund, So I Won’t Name The Company”

Source: pamcakes316

#10 These Are Two Different Things, Right?

Source: funnydays65

#11 A $60 Non-refundable Dres

Source: 1deringifuknow

#12 “When You Buy Clothes On Amazon …”

Source: abrahamlinc0ln

#13 I Feel Sorry For You

Source: Instagram

#14 Help!!!!

Source: Imgur

#15 “Well, It Fits The Cat”

Source: beroemd

#16 Expectation V.S. Reality

Source: Instagram

#17: When You Ordered One Thing And Got Another

Source: turkturksammy
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Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.
8 months ago

Good thing is you can order different sizes and different colors or as many items you’d like to try at home.And you can return them within 3 days without extra cost.The delivery truck picks them up.

Bridget Doman
Bridget Doman
24 days ago

I once bought a dress I saw in a catalogue (a long time ago). It looked lovely in the photograph on the page but absolutely rubbish in real life. I sent it back. You have to be so careful these days as it is often hard to return goods that aren’t suitable or as good as they look in the ad.