Most people associate Canada with maple syrup, niceness, and more maple syrup. In reality, stereotypes about Canada are not far off the mark. For example, there is a super-social moose and friendly police officers. We have created another photo list that accurately portrays Canada’s Great White North.

These are Canadian memes that you won’t find anywhere else.

#01 Meanwhile in Canada

This is a fun fact about Canada. Canadians love to say “sorry”, so they passed the “Apology Law” to limit its use. In the past, lawyers in court were likely able to prove guilt very easily. All they had to do was prove that someone has since apologized.

#02 These are the Things You Will See in a Northern Canadian Town

Canadian legislators clarified that any apology “means an expression of sympathy or regret” and not an admission of guilt or liability.

#03 Another Canadian Thing

#04 Canadian Police Clash With Citizens

#05 Found A Pretty Cool Hat At A Local Store Today

#06 Police In Montreal Are Protesting A Labor Dispute By Not Wearing Their Work Pants

#07 Christmas In Canada Is Difficult Sometimes

#08 We’re Living 3 Seasons At Once Right Now (September 15, 2018)

#09 Canadians Are Notorious For Being Kind

#10 Honest Canadian Commuters. The Workers Were Missing And The Automatic Gates Were Broken. This Is The Result

#11 Police Officer Stops To Buy A Drink From A Little Girl At A Lemonade Stand In Kenora, ON, Canada

#12 Canadian Victims Of Theft

#13 Canadian Police On The Job

#14 Everything About This Says Canada

#15 This Moose Literally Followed Me Home

#16 Canadian Police Officers Meditating Before They Start Their Day

#17 Meanwhile In Montreal

#18 That’s A Decent Reason To Not Drop The Package Off At My Door

#19 Canadian Parking Ticket

#20 Photo Grocery Store In Summerside, PEI (Canada) Has “Sensory Friendly Shopping”

#21 Most Canadian Thing Ever

#22 A Sign You’re Marching In Canada

#23 This Is What Happens When A Canadian Parks In Your Spot

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