Expectations can be a double-edged sword. If we have high expectations, it is more likely that we will be disappointed if they are not met. Conversely, we are less likely to be disappointed if we have low expectations. We are all filled with expectations. Our emotional state can be completely destroyed when we let go of our daydreams and face reality.

Consider the unfortunate cases. Many people wanted beautiful tattoos, but after the artist had finished the work on their skin, these tattoos were not what they desired. Others bought things online, but their products weren’t up to standard. TikTok is full of people sharing their frustrations. These posts went viral. We’ve gathered 23 of the funniest ones for you. Scroll down to see them all.

#01. Badly Drawn Tattoos

Source: jessicawilliams546

#02. At Least It Fits The Dog Well!

Source: tanibutterfly

#03. All I Wanted Was A Hulk Cake

Source: brenttelevision

#04. Hair Makeover Went Wrong

Source: gingaaak

#05. It’s A Horror Movie

Source: bucybiyela

#06. Maybe They Just Got Big Feet

Source: deideikablamo

#07. What I Wanted Vs What I Got

Source: tay.chancey10

#08. Diving Pants?

Source: melaniewilmoth3

#09. Online Shopping Fail

Source: naomielliott.22

#10. That’s So So…

Source: xo.faatimaa

#11. Buy It For My Ex’s Wedding But It’s Used For Halloween

Source: .alexacata

#12. I Trusted This Artist He’s Done Great Work In The Past For Me…. My Trust Is Now Ruined And So Is My Arm

Source: itsmehollyholliday

#13. Trying To Find A Perfect Spongebob Popsicle!

Source: brenttelevision

#14. Artist Doesn’t Know The Details

Source: roisinmarfahy

#15. They’re Almost Done

Source: gracieschwent20

#16. Well…

Source: georgemichaelsbiggestfan
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