This is a very surprising new from Sydney, Australia. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium presents its gay penguin couple who has been stealing hearts of the spectators and the staff from the very beginning. The staff has noticed this couple and their extreme care for a rock in the hatching season. In 2018, the couple; Magic & Sphen, the penguins received their first real egg to hatch. They successfully and very carefully hatched the first egg, bringing a very pretty female penguin into this world. They have been looking after their foster kid very well.

The couple received another egg to hatch since the staff thinks that its time for the couple to start their parenting cycle again. The hatching of the new born penguin was a very big new to the zoo as well as the LGBTQ communities of Australia. Magic & Sphen have been receieving a lot of attention from the zoo as well as the media. Experts point out that there are a lot of same-sex interactions/couples in the wild that we do not notice about. It is studied to be a perfectly natural and healthy relationship as well as their parenting. Let us all spread love and congratulate this couple! Check out the photos and the videos of this proud couple. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.More info & Photo courtesy: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium | Facebook |










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