The death of an unarmed man named George Floyd after a run-in with Minneapolis police have been making headlines since Monday. A new surveillance video clearly shows that Floyd was not showing any form of strong resistance against his arrest. Therefore, people have taken to the streets to demand justice to Floyd, pressuring the Mayor to call for prosecution of four officers of the Minneapolis police over Floyd’s death.

As seen in the new surveillance video, a cop pins George Floyd to the ground before ultimately killing him. Before that, he was handcuffed by another officer and was cooperating well with the process, with no attempts of resistance. This new surveillance footage was captured by the cameras outside a nearby restaurant called Dragon Wok. It showed how the incident started off due to some kind of traffic and ended with George being carried away with cuffs.

Check out the newly released video below

As shown in the video, initially two vehicles were parked, then two officers approached one and asked all occupants to step out. A woman and a man got off from the passengers’ side while one officer pulled George out from the driver’s side. He was seen struggling at first.

After putting George back on his foot, the cops walked him towards the sidewalk and made him sit down, and George wasn’t resisting at this point. Upon the arrival of a third officer, George was taken away from the camera.

This footage was released to the public by Rashad West, the owner of Dragon Wok. However, it’s important to point out the fact that the video doesn’t show the immediate response of the police before having an officer’s full weight on George’s neck.

Protests are continuously happening in Minneapolis

According to the police, it was responding to a complaint on forgery where an employee of a nearby business has reported that George had tried to make a payment with a $10 bill suspected as counterfeit. As this act was against the policies of the business, they had reported him to the police.

The murder of George Floyd has given rise to a number of violent protests since Tuesday, in Minneapolis. Not only that, but the hashtag #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd also trended worldwide on twitter, with netizens demanding justice for the unreasonable murder of George Floyd. However, the four officers involved have only been fired, with no legal actions taken against them. The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, has called George’s death a failure on the police’s side.

Watch the video below to know what Frey had to say about the incident

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