Following the death of George Floyd, Americans across the country are coming together to battle the highly prevalent ‘white privilege’ and ‘police brutality against African Americans’, by organizing a number of protests throughout the country. While only the destructive aspects of these protests are shared via mainstream media, here’s the constructive side of it that media will never show you.

Although various states in the United States are imposing curfews and are trying to contain the protests using security forces, demonstrators continue to express their anger and frustration through various media such as billboards, chants, and even violent acts like looting. Although the fate of the police officer that murdered George is still unknown, people of all races in all backgrounds are coming together as one to demand justice to George and to end the discrimination towards African Americans.

#1 A Group Of Black People Protecting A Cop Who Got Separated From Others

A group of black people protecting a cop who got separated from the others from r/pics

#2 Police Demonstrating And Trying To Show They Hear And Understand The Frustration In Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon. Police demonstrating and trying to show they hear and understand the frustration. from r/nextfuckinglevel

#3 Stronger Together

We’re stronger together from r/pics

#4 A Protester And A Police Officer In Fargo, A True Demonstration Of Solidarity

A protester and a police officer today in Fargo. This is what solidarity looks like. from r/pics

#5 From The George Floyd Philadelphia Protest

George Floyd – Philadelphia Protest Today from r/pics

#6 It’s Not White vs. Black, It’s Everyone vs. Racists

It’s not white vs. black, rich vs. poor, police vs. citizens….it’s EVERYONE vs. racists. from r/pics

Everything started when George Floyd bought a pack of cigarettes from a store, and the employee thought the $20 bill George paid with was counterfeit and reported it to the police. George was a resident in Minneapolis and was faced with unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Responding to the complaint made by the store employee, two police officers arrived at the store at around 20:08, while George was inside a car with two other people. Then Thomas Lane, one of the officers, pulled George out of the car, and George started to resist cuffs. Soon after, George stopped resisting, and the officers stated that the reason for his arrest was ‘passing counterfeit money.’

#7 Santa Cruz Police Chief Taking A Knee With Peaceful Protesters During A Demonstration In Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz police chief taking a knee with peaceful protesters during a demonstration in Santa Cruz, CA from r/nextfuckinglevel

#8 This Brave Man Has Been Standing Alone In Then Town Square For The Past Few Days

This man has been standing alone in our town square for the past few days, gods bless his courage from r/pics

#9 A Veteran Protesting His Government After Fighting For It Shows The United Fight For Equality

A veteran protesting his government after fighting for it shows the united fight for equality. from r/pics

#10 Cops In Kansas City Joined The Protesters

#11 Danish Sympathy March For George Floyd: Over 10,000 People Peacefully Marching Through Copenhagen

Danish sympathy march for George Floyd. ~10.000 people marching peacefully through Copenhagen. from r/pics

#12 Police Captain Joins The Local Protest

The murderer, an officer named Derek Chauvin, entered the scene when officers struggled to put George inside the police car.

Chauvin pushed Mr. Floyd to the ground at around 20:19. In an attempt to restrain him, Chauvin placed his left knee between George’s head and neck. Despite George’s constant pleas that it was difficult for him to breathe, Chauvin kept his knee there for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. George became non-responsive at around 6 minutes, and multiple witnesses recorded this moment.

After George stopped reacting, JA Kueng, another officer, checked his pulse, but no pulse was felt. After Chauvin removed his knee at 20:27, George was moved to the Hennepin County Medical center and was pronounced dead about an hour later.

#13 This Is Also Happening In Minneapolis

This is also happening in Minneapolis from r/pics

#14 Police In Muskegon Showing Their Support For Protesters Outside The County Courthouse 

Police in Muskegon, MI showing their support for protesters outside of the County Courthouse today. from r/pics

#15 Stay Safe, Everyone. Except You, Tony

A friend of mine in Minnesota. Stay safe, everyone. Except you, Tony. from r/pics

#16 The Police Taking A Knee With Protesters In Miami, Florida

The police taking a knee with protesters in Miami, Florida from r/pics

Although it was clear that George was openly murdered, Michael Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney, charged Chauvin with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, with a bail set at $500,000. The other officers who didn’t do anything to stop George’s death were not even arrested.

Not only Floyd’s family, but the entire United States was disappointed about the unfair charges. According to Benjamin Crump, the attorney of Floyd’s family, they have expected a first-degree murder charge for Derek Chauvin, and arrests for the other officers, and he is calling on authorities to revise the charges. Philonese Floyd, George’s brother, organized a fundraiser called the ‘Official George Floyd Memorial Fund’ to help cover the funeral, burial, and court expenses.

#17 Lawyers Offering Pro Bono Services For Arrested Protesters 

#18 Police Standing Together With The Residents

#19 Police In Downtown Portland Are Kneeling In Front Of Protesters

Police in Downtown Portland are kneeling in front of protesters. from r/pics

#20 Protesters Chanted: “Walk With Us!!”

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