The unreasonable killing of George Floyd by a police officer has given rise to a number of protests in the United States, since Tuesday. Throughout the days, the tension between protesters and the police is continuously escalating, and it has come to a point where some protesters have even begun looting.

The second set of riots took place on Wednesday, armed officers were met with thousands of protesters. People protested against the highly prevalent racism faced by black Americans due to their skin color, in America. Thousands of demonstrators from “Black Lives Matter” have taken to the streets to demand justice for George Floyd, and to put an end to the unnecessary hate and injustice faced by black Americans.

george floyd protests
Source – Getty Images

As it is evident from the below footage captured from a nearby camera, looters are collecting lots of goods into baskets, and are running away with clothes, groceries and even electronics, from a nearby Target store. This particular Target store is located close to the intersection of Floyd’s death.

Looters are seen collecting groceries and electronics in the below video.

The protests began as a result of the violence of an armed officer towards George Floyd, a black American who was cooperating with his arrest for an alleged forgery. The said police officer killed Floyd by pressing his knee down on Floyd’s neck for around seven minutes, despite cries that said he was unable to breathe. All the witnesses were recorded on a surveillance camera of a nearby restaurant. Although it was evident that Floyd was eventually dying, the Minneapolis police officer did not stop his violent actions.

The video below shows a Minneapolis police officer pressing his knee down George Floyd’s neck.

The protests earnestly started on Tuesday, despite tear gas and pepper sprays from the police. While violent protests are moving through Minneapolis, less violent protests are happening all over the country, with a massive one in Los Angeles.

Protesters are seen running away from tear gas sprays in the below video.

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