It’s not that common to see a coffin choreography in a funeral let alone in the drama world. But, these Ghanaian pallbearers have taken the culture of holding funerals to the next level. They are best known for their coffin dance. A recent message posted on their official Twitter account thanking all the doctors around the world gained much attention.

This is their message.

They ended their message informing the public of the importance of social distancing, with; “Now remember, stay at home, or dance with us”. In Brazil, a billboard image was displayed featuring the iconic pallbearers with the same caption.

The charming dancers are locally known as the Nana Otafrija Pallbearing and Waiting Service or shortly, Dada Awu. Led by Benjamin Aidoo, they first gained attention in 2017 when the BBC featured them on a news report.

The question arises about who would want to see a coffin dance on the day of the burial of their loved ones. One of their many costumers said, “These people when they are taking your beloved one to their final resting place, they also dance, so I decided to give my mother a dancing trip to her maker”.

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