Virsaviya is a cheerful seven-year old girl who likes to dance, run and drawing and ponies. The below video shows that this brave girl was born with an extraordinary condition where her heart is outside her rib cage just under a layer of skin.

Virsaviya suffers a very rare medical condition called Pantalogy of Cantrell. This is a condition that occurs in less than 1 in a million births. Pentalogy of Cantrell is fatal without surgical intervention. However, in some cases, the defects are so severe that the individual dies regardless of the medical or surgical interventions received.

It is visible to see this little girl’s heart beating underneath her rib cage with only a thin layer of skin to protect it.

Even though this little girl extremely fragile and more prone to danger, she live her life fully than most people we see.

In her interview with BBC, she said: “This is my heart. I’m the only one that has this. I walk around, I jump, I fly, I run, I’m not supposed to run but I love running.”

Virsaviya was born in Russia and doctors warned her mum to prepare for the worst. She then moved to America with the hope of saving her beautiful little girl. She is now expected to receive several very complicated operations. (h/t)