If we switch on the T.V or listen to the radio we get to know a lot of incidents where humanity was lost. Killings, harassments, gambling are all that we hear and see. There is hatred in such news reports that tell to the world the inhuman nature of most of the human and the constant reporting of such unfortunate incidents can have a major negative influence on our physical and mental health. Though there are incidents where people help each other in difficulties, where people come forward to save other such incidents are rarely given any importance.

The world we live can be cruel at times but there are also kind souls that make this world we live a beautiful place. Their little acts of kindness make us believe in humanity. We cannot learn to love and be kind to others if what we hear constantly is the hatred of humans. In order to build trust, it is important for us to promote togetherness and kindness.

This story experienced and written by the writer Eryn Brook that took place in the subway will make you come out of the little comfort zone you live. This will make you want to help others and be kind to others instead of living a life that only concerns about your own life. Eryn Brook shared her experience while riding the train home, just a few stops from her station. She was approached by an 18-year-old girl who suffered from epilepsy and was about to have a seizure.

It is important for us as humans to realize the power of kindness. Some of us may have just ignored this girl because we were busy at the time and that may have risked the whole life of this girl. Though Brooks support may look little, she saved the life of an innocent girl. For people who think that time is money, they will run to their work in such a situation and will never build trust in humanity. But as longs as humans like Brook give a shoulder to the ones in need, humanity will forever rise. “I wish this was a normal thing to hear and see and do,” said Brook telling the world that for humans it is normal to act human and if you don’t help the ones in need then you should doubt whether you are a human or not as that is not what a normal human being does.

Please Don’t Screenshot This Story As She Requested. Thank you.

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