Gyms have been a male dominated arena from the start when public gymnasiums came into existence. But girls have been taking care of their physique when referring to the modern context. Still, it has problems when woman show up to workout at a gym.

Heather Huesman from TikTok decided to share news about a new gym to take away these problems women face. The main problem the women face in a public gym is that a lot of men make them feel uncomfortable to a level that they feel harassed. So, Huesman decided to promote the gym she worked out, where it was only for women! Scroll down to read more about this story.More info & Photo courtesy: Tiktok

#1. Huesman’s video went viral on TikTok.

This is called Blush fitness at Overland Park, Kansas. They offer a lot of services that not only cares about their fitness but also provides them a very comfortable environment. Unlike other gyms, their glasses are completely colored so that they are not exposed to a public view.

#2. The Darkened glasses provide privacy.

Another cool detail is that the doors are locked so that only the members with access can walk through it and the gym is not directly accessible to any visitor at all.

#3. The door are locked at all times.

Incase there is a male presence in the gym, the members are notified before it happens so that everyone is aware about it.

#4. Prompt notification is done.

The gym also offers free sanitary facilities to all of its members. It creates a very safe and feminine environment so that the women feel free and secure completely.

#4. Free sanitary aid.

#5. It is a very woman-friendly environment.

#6. It also has all services to keep you healthy in the meantime!

Even though there has been a divided conversation on the social media platforms regarding if this is the resolution for the public gym issues, there is a huge support to this gym. Some people debate that social values should be raised other than seclusion of genders in the society. But it is for the public to decide and choose!

#7. Stay fit!

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