Sex is considered one of the beautiful things in the whole universe because during sex your whole soul communicates with your partner. The sexuality and culture review which was published in 2010 says that people are seeking and giving more valid reasons to engage in sex than in the old days. So with that being said, sex has become an essential need among the people.

But everything has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic gave us many challenges and it has directly hit the normal daily routines of people. Because of this, governments are advising on people’s personal lives that they never thought of doing.

Going along with it, the governments of different countries have started to find solutions for the drastic increment of the exceptionally horny populations because of not having sex in the last three or four months due to the lockdown.

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The government of the United Kingdom came up with a solution having a sexy name called the “Support bubbles”. It is also having some nicknames such as “sex bubble” or the “booty bubble”.

The “bubble” in the “support bubble” refers to a specific area that has been locked due to the pandemic. So your family and all the other families in your neighborhood are within the same bubble. Meaning, the people in a support bubble will be considered as a single-family. Also, they don’t need to care about social distancing rules. The adults who are living alone or single parents with children who are below 18 are allowed.

America is also coming up with new safety guidance on having sex during the pandemic which includes the “glory holes”.

Also, NYC Health recommended having virtual sex or sexy zoom parties. The new safety guidance is also advising to masturbate while following all the health measures throughout the whole process and to use any toys afterward. Also, they have enacted a set of rules for the people who are interested in having sex outside.

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Anyway, the guidelines force not to have sex or not to even think about it if you are showing symptoms or if you have tested positive for the virus. Even though the virus doesn’t spread directly through sex, there is a tendency for it to be spread through mucus and saliva. So it is highly suggested to cover your face all the time and to avoid kissing.

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