Having a goat at home can be new to many but sure it would be fun and lovely! They are so calm and mild so that you would not feel afraid to roam around them. The best thing is that if you have plenty of grass at your home and some space for them to run, then that is all that you need to maintain them! they would be the perfect addition to your home and no doubt that many of you would surely like to enjoy the company of a nice goat! (h/t)

Safety Goats

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However, having a goat can be threatening at times, particularly, when your goat decides to use its horns and injure your family members and damage your property. But the happy news is that these sorts of misbehaviors can be avoided if you train them from a young age. This pool noodle solution would be ideal to deal with a naughty goat and this would surely help to prevent someone from being injured.

Safety Goats

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They would show their aggressiveness by disobeying, showing no response to calls, biting, kicking, pushing things around with their horns and when this happens, always make sure to use pool noodles. Then, you need not worry about your kids or your own safety and can play with goats as usual.

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Apart from pool noodles, people have also used headbutts to be protected from their horns. You would surely have a good time watching your buddy traveling everywhere with colored horns and would make you love them more!

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Whatever method you choose, remember that training is always the best option, even if goats are famously stubborn and mischievous. It may take time and patience, but you’ll have endless fun watching your buddy wandering around with brightly-colored pool noodles fastened tightly on its horns!

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According to Dummies, you can treat your goat to do anything with clicker training. They say “You need a clicker, which is a mechanical device that makes a click sound and treats such as peanuts or flakes of cereal,” they write. “By combining the click with a treat, you reinforce that the goat is doing the right thing. You need to start by getting the goat to make a connection between the clicker and a treat. To do this, click the clicker and then give the goat a treat about 20 to 30 times. Your goat begins to associate the clicker with food and eventually responds to just the clicker so you don’t have to supply a treat every time.”

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“After you’ve shown the goat that treats are tied to clicks, you can start training. You train by issuing a command (“Come,” for example), and then clicking as the goat does what you want it to do and giving the goat a treat after he completes his task.”

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“Of course, the goat won’t follow your command without practice. If the goat doesn’t respond to the command or does the wrong thing, you can just say “wrong” or another word, and then try again. Always click as the goat does the behavior and then give the treat. If you give the treat first, you risk the goat being caught up in eating and not noticing the clicker.”

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So, will you use a pool noodle for your goat too? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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