Internet is full of different stories of different people from all around. Here’s a story of a lady receiving a fake ring that looks like a diamond ring. The story had been famous for about 8 months now so let’s know what it is. It had been on Reddit and seems an interesting story. So this guy who’s called Dave and his gold-digger girlfriend named Karen, which is a name for the story, is what the story is about.More Info: Reddit


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Bored Panda had spoken with the lady, a Reddit user u/rosexknight who had shared Dave’s story. Dave who is a protagonist and the day who is called Karen for the story had been in a relationship for about 4 years. She’s named Karen here in order not to reveal her identity but to explain how she is.

Based on the tradition she had asked for a diamond ring from Dave as a sign of marriage. Dave is not a super-rich guy but he’s well-off. Then he had come up with an idea and given her a white sapphire ring that has a similar look to a real diamond.

#2. He had given her a ring that looks like a diamond.

Image credits: rosexknight

She had said to the bored panda that Dave’s actually wasn’t taking revenge. But many had thought that it was an act of pretty revenge but actually what he had wanted is to save money for things more important than that. As to the pandemic he has had fears and didn’t want to spend all the money he had and at the same time, he had not wanted to dishearten Karen.

She had said that Dave had told her that he was having plans to gift her a real diamond ring on their 1st anniversary. And that the revenge was an accident and it’s Karen’s fault that she went to pawn it.

#3. The Reddit user had shared the story of Dave, her cousin, and ‘Karen’.

Image credits: rosexknight

Though she was proposed, she had not been happy with the fact that due to the pandemic many people were unable to attend the wedding. But anyhow she had invited some people from her side and had excluded many from Dave’s side without even informing him. So Dave had canceled the wedding as a response to what she had done.

Rose had said that the engagement and things were happy but Karen had shown her ugly side and the couple had to fallout. Dave had not plotted revenge instead he was busy handling the situation as the wedding was called off. After some time he had found out that Karen had tried to pawn the ring. And that the time when she had also known it was a fake ring and she had been angrier.


Image credits: rosexknight

Then she had said that after knowing the truth Karen had called. Then she texted Dave saying to reimburse her with the total money of the ring. And when they had asked her about any updates about the incident she had said that there were no updates. Had said that Dave had gone to another place for his work and they keep in touch and she had no idea about Karen. She had said that some of her friends had seen the story too. And had said that Karen is the same gold digger as she was. Someone had said to her that Karen had played the victim card on Facebook after the incident but nothing had happened. Also, had said that Karen had said that she would sue Dave and it had frightened Dave too, but when he had asked from a lawyer he had said not to worry. And had said that Karen never sued him or nor will do as it was last year she said so.


Image credits: rosexknight

And had said that Dave had felt bad that he was not honest at that time, and when seen from outside it seems bad of him. And had said that he’s going to work on that part in his life. Also had said that the relationship would have worked for in long too.

And had said that after the happening someone had found the shop Karen had tried to pawn the ring. But she had gone to try if that she could give the ring back to Dave. But the was sold out to an older couple. When she had asked the price of the ring if it was real diamonds the owner had not said an exact price but had told that it’s not as much as Karen wanted.

About the incident, there had been many comments, and she had said that it was fun to read them. Also, the story had not only been shred on Reddit but also had been shared through reports and articles too.

#6. Some comments of people about the story.

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