After a successful acquaintance, the first question that comes to your mind is how to win a girl? After all, the first step seems to have been taken, but what next? How to behave in such a way as to be in the same bed with her? How not to screw up and rush? These and many more other questions have been bothering men for all known human history. So first you all, you must understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Secondly, if you think that girls want sex less than you, then I will tell you only one thing: you know nothing about girls, man. But again, you are not alone in this. This was the main reason why I decided to create a list of golden rules and the most common mistakes of seduction. Feel free to use it to your advantage in seduction.

1. Each girl teaches you to seduce the next one faster

The more girls you seduced at the moment, the more chances you have to drag the next one into bed. Even the one that at first glance seemed inaccessible for you. In general, experience and practice are your best friends. Even failures count at this point. The most important thing here is not to lose yourself if you are successful in dating, and if not, then you should never despair.

2. If she says no, it means that she wants to talk

Believe me, in any other case, she would immediately cease communication with you. Because girls spend time only with those guys whom they see as a sexual object. So, don’t believe her words but pay attention to her actions because they will tell you way more about her. Remember about the rule of triple no – if she says you no three times in different conditions, then this is definitely NO, and you should stop bothering her. In every other case feel free and confident to act because she still sees a man in you. This approach works just fine with who are girls looking for older men.

3. There are two types of situations: good and training

Remember, you will get a positive result in any outcome. In the first case, you will get sex. While in the second one, you will gain experience. Which is, sometimes, much more valuable than another low-quality chick who didn’t make you any better. Don’t be afraid to practice, even if you get refused all the time. In the future, you will know what mistakes you should avoid. As we have mentioned before, your every attempt makes you better, thus, closer to your final target.

4. Speak her language

Show interest in the things that she considers important. Go to the cinema with her for the movie she chose and not for the next action movie that you like. Use the same expressions in speech as she does. This will create the illusion that you are thinking in the same way, and it will be much easier for her to trust you. But be careful, don’t change your behavior too fast, or she may notice that you try to copy her. If she does, then you are doomed.

The most common mistakes in seduction:

If you still perform them, then you do not know how to seduce a woman. But don’t worry, they are here to help you understand your failures and avoid them in the future.

You just have conversations but nothing more. This is a bad sign. She can just fuss with her friend. You are not here for this, remember? You need to talk to her seductively. And don’t forget to flirt properly because right now you are on the way to friendzone.

You don’t touch each other at all. Girls need to be touched. If she doesn’t touch you or reluctantly reacts to your touch, then say hello to the friend zone. So you’re doing something wrong.

There is no process of seduction. You don’t flirt with her and don’t talk about romantic matters. Roughly speaking, she is not lured into your bed. You just communicate with her. Thus, you are just friends.

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