We all appreciate and love art in our ways because it speaks to our emotions, it can be only be created by someone who sees the world in a creative perspective, art has a unique way of making us see and feels things differently and it solely lies on the artist, every artist have a unique way of expressing a message where no one can ignore.

Rodrigo Miguel Sepulveda Nunes, nicknamed Vile, reside in Villa Franca de Xira Portugal, started spray painting when he was just 14 years old, he mastered his skill by practicing through various types of techniques such as watercolors, oil, charcoal, digital drawing and tattooing inspired by cartoons and animation films. Vile gradually became skilled at graffiti and mural paintings. This 34 years old street artist has found a unique way of spraying his name into walls, this makes him stand out from the rest. His work is internationally demanded, with brands like OPEL, TMN, Worten, and the Portuguese red cross featuring his art.

Vile’s intricate and cool skills make passerby look twice at his artwork, his skilled artwork portrays details that a typical eye ignores, it is clear that his ability to focus and express the details that we hardly able to see is the secret to his success.

More info: vilegraffiti.com | Instagram | Facebook | twitter.com


























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