In the recent events of climate change, the world experienced several wildfires incidents all over the world. With the global pandemic still wake, it is really hard to deal with emergencies. But climate change doesn’t wait for anybody.

Recently, Greece has experienced its worst set of heatwaves in almost three decades! These heatwaves have caused massive public shock and the worst part of it is that they caused the second largest Greek island to catch in a devastating forest fire on the 3rd of August. People have share moments of these unprecedented moments online. Scroll down to read and see the pictures about these fires.More info & Photo courtesy:


Devastating Wildfire In Evia


A Whole Island On Fire

People had to flee their homes and the island to save their lives leaving everything else behind, there is now a very high rate of discussions about climate change with the recent mass forest fires.

The Government is getting accusations from the public as well as internationally concerned parties that they have not been prepared and handling the situation well to nip it at the bud. Alongside the destruction of homes, businesses, resources, and basically everything on the island, NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory has detected huge amounts of carbon escaping to the atmosphere that will only worsen the case of climate change.


People Had To Leave Everything Behind


People Were Evacuated Immediately


A Res Sun Sets In A Smoky Horizon

Since the government couldn’t handle such a big situation by themselves, Serbia, Ukraine, and Romania sent their firefighters and rescue teams. They have saved a lot of human and animal lives during their missions to save lives and tackle this massive fire.

Leave your comments about this fire and the climate change below.


How The Island Of Evia Is Seen
Maxar Technologies 


Firefighters Battle With The Fires


A Romanian Firefighter


A Ukrainian Firefighter In Greece
Embassy of Ukraine to the Hellenic Republic


People Offering Refuge To The People


Animal Lives Were Saved As Well


Serbian Deployment


Will This Be A Re-Occourance?


Devastated People With Their Loved Ones
Cyprus Embassy Athens


Authorities Work Tirelessly To Tackle The Fires
Embassy of Ukraine to the Hellenic Republic


Animals Seeking Refuge
Cyprus Embassy Athens


The Heat Is Unbearable To All Animals
Cyprus Embassy Athens


Heart Warming Acts
Cyprus Embassy Athens


People Watching Everything They Had Burn


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