Lockdown has left people with no choice but to do their hairdressing themselves. Even those who have never tried it before has to learn the art sooner or later. Be it a slow learner or fast learner, as per the saying “Every master was once a disaster”, the first attempt is highly unlikely to be successful.

One woman, while trimming her husband’s beard, accidentally shaved through her dog’s hair on its head. This is what she said on Facebook in the Golden Retriever UK group.

“Has anyone else had a shaving accident?”

“I was trimming my husband’s beard and she came up behind me when I was like oh yeah I’ll shave the dog and she moved her head and now has this line in her head.”

 Grooming fail turns Golden Retriever Into A Piggy Bank
Grooming fail turns Golden Retriever Into A Piggy Bank

“She looks like a money box and I can’t even look at her without crying.”

As might be expected, the group became quite a laugh by the grooming fail and the post went viral at the wink of an eye. The post gathered over 23k reactions and over 40 shares since it was posted 21 hours ago. Badly enough, the haircut this woman gave her husband left him with no other choice but to go bald.

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