Witness how the humpback whales of the Atlantic Ocean use an absolutely unique way of hunting!

What you will be seeing in this video are a pair of humpback whales blowing bubbles while swimming in a circular motion to capture their prey. Isn’t this astonishing?

Why do they blow bubbles you may wonder? Well, before approaching them from under, this helps capture the prey.

Drones, cameras and sensors were used on these whales to capture this amazing video taken in the icy cold waters of southern Alaska.

Watch these amazing mammals swim around a school of fish – the prey of the day! And check out how they are creating a net out of bubbles.

The whales then consume the prey while the school of fish are captured in the space.
“The footage is rather groundbreaking” “we are observing how these animals are manipulating their prey and preparing the prey for capture. It is allowing us to gain new insights that we really haven’t been able to do before “is what Lars Bejade, director of the UH Manoa Marine mammal research program (MMRP) conveyed.

K. Kosma/Royal Society Open Science 2019

Look closely and you will see in the illustration how the humpback whales blow a bubble net.

In summer we see around 3000 whales on visit to the Alaska and the coming winter about 10000 of them are to reach Hawaii.

This footage caught is now the hope of researches to shed some light and shift the habitat and change in food linked to climate change and the reduction of prey.

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