There was a 45 years-old tortoise with the angry face, a pet turtle has been rescued after the fire started “accidentally” on Christmas Day – however, when looking at the turtle’s face, it was not wrong.

Firefighters were called to a home in Great Dunmoe, a small town in Essex, England, just before 4.30 pm on Christmas Day.

Fortunately, the fire was quickly discovered and extinguished, but firefighters soon realized that this was no ordinary Christmas Day fire.

Gary Wayne, monitoring manager for the Great Dunmore Fire Station, said in a statement, “The fire started after the turtle knocked a heat bulb into its bed.

He emphasized the importance of making sure your home is equipped with smoke alarms that work at every level (especially if you live with a pet reptile).

“This turtle had a very lucky Christmas day – she is 45 years old and now lives a long and happy life with smoke alarms working,” continued Wayne.

The Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said on Facebook: “This 45-year-old turtle may seem angry, but it’s her lucky day.”

At 45, this grumpy guy is actually a spring chicken, at least on a turtle basis. Some types of turtles are one of the longest living invertebrates in the world. One of the oldest people – the Seychelles giant tortoise is known as Jonathan – is thought to have been born in 1832, at the time when Charles Darwin was exploring the world on HMS Beagle’s second voyage.

Turtles do not cheat, but the behavior of the cold and hat. A recent study found that some species, such as the Galapagos giant turtles and the Seychelles giant turtles, are capable of learning new skills and doing so almost a decade after training. Using a kind of conditioning, turtles were trained to combine food with a specific color ball on a stick. When presented with two different colored balls, they were able to pick the ball associated with the food, bite it, and get the reward. Incredibly, the Turtles were able to recall this exercise nine years later.

Who knows, the turtle that caused the chaos earlier this week may have recalled a bad memory that existed just before Christmas.

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