We live in a world where usage of Wi-Fi networks, mobile phones, GPS, Bluetooth, etc., is inevitable. However, we all know how harmful radiation can affect your child’s health. Some people take it as a myth, and some don’t, but you shouldn’t neglect the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation and electrosmog on your child’s health, including the brain.

Many children worldwide are suffering from EHS (Electric HyperSensitivity) due to exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) at an early age. Even scientists and doctors recommend keeping the child away from such vulnerability to keep them healthy.

The symptoms of EHS include skin irritation, burning sensation, poor immune response, and many more, resulting in insomnia, tetanus in the ear, asthma, and even cancer. We have seen parents allowing and encouraging kids to use smartphones.

Guardia Electromagnetic Shield

In 2014, a study conducted showed younger children using cell phones had negative behavioral change and a high risk of getting brain cancer and tumors.

So what is the solution?

We can’t recommend removing every device that emits electromagnetic radiation. Still, there are many possibilities that you can explore to protect your child. Of which, one is installing EMF shield wallpaper in the bedroom of your kid and other rooms in the home too. It will keep your loved ones away from vicious ElectroSmog.

Here in this article, you will learn about the Guardia, an electromagnetic shield, and how it offers protection from these harmful rays.

What is Guardia – Electromagnetic Shield?

GUARDIA is a wallpaper specially designed to protect everyone from EMF and ElectroSmog. This wallpaper can protect you from low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic fields emitting from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and even from electric supply within the walls.

This non-woven wallpaper has carbon fibers embedded in the material, making it 99% effective in blocking the EMF radiations.

What does Guardia look like?

Reading the above definition of Guardia, you might think it is heavy, thick, and maybe not appealing enough to the eyes. I would like to say, you are wrong here. It is nothing like that. It is grayish in color with smooth and matt finishing. It is strippable, washable, with low-flammability, and also easy to apply.

One more thing you should know about the Guardia: You can paint or put up another wallpaper on it, it won’t minimize its function and instead will give your room an unusual aesthetic feel.

How does Guardia (an electromagnetic shield) work?

The main question from everyone’s end after hearing about Guardia – How does it work? As said above, Guardia is made of compressed carbon fibers in its material during the production process. This feature eventually makes wallpaper capable of turning high-frequency radiation into heat.

The EMF radiation doesn’t have any physical effect, hence there will be no decrease in its protection level over the time. Look at the image shown below. As soon as you apply the Guardia on walls, it will block all the radiations coming from other rooms. (However, pay more attention while putting up wallpaper.)

EMF shield wallpaper

What type of protection does it provide?

Guardia is an electromagnetic shield that provides protection from both high and low frequencies including telecommunication waves from mobile, Wi-Fi networks, cordless phones, and even wireless accessories.

It provides around 97-98% protection. To get the 99% coverage, go for the double layered wallpaper. By putting up two Guardia shields, you will be able to protect your child from EMF radiation coming from within the wall wirings.

How to apply Guardia EMF Shield?

Ever applied a wallpaper? Yes?

Then you won’t find it difficult to put it up as well. Applying Guardia is as easy as sticking the wallpaper. All you have to do is prep the wall, apply glue, and stick it to the wall. See, isn’t it easy?

However: While applying wallpaper make sure there isn’t any gap uncovered, or it will act as a slot antenna for EMF radiations.

Final Statement: Is it really worthy to opt for Guardia?

Well, the final statement of this article is obviously going to be positive. Who wouldn’t want to protect their lovely children from harmful EMF radiations that can lower their IQ and exposes them to diseases like leukemia and cancer. Without any further ado, get Guardia – electromagnetic shield for your and kid’s bedroom.

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