Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31, and Halloween 2018 occurs on Wednesday, October 31. As the only day of the year where we have a real excuse to go all out with the fancy dress, many people will be heading out trick or treating and to Halloween parties. It is also a time that people have Halloween parties where they can play fun games like bobbing for apples, go through a haunted house, or have a costume party.

Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with a costume which is creative and original. Therefore, we have collected a list of awesome and creative costumes.

Scroll down to check them out below, don’t forget to tell what you think of these awesome costumes.

#1 My Halloween Costume

#2 For Halloween I Caught Me A Ratatouille

#3 A Friend And I Decided To Go As Anglerfish For Halloween

#4 “Getting Deported By Trump” Halloween Costume

#5 This Guy Had The Best Halloween Party Costume, He Was The Fire

#6 My Brother Was Sad His Girlfriend Couldn’t Come To Our Halloween Party, So He Came As Both Of Them

#7 You Know It’s A Good Costume When Someone Cries Because Of It

#8 Princess Leia And R2D2 (My Grandpa’s Costume)

#9 A Friend Nailed Halloween And 3D Printed His Own Face

#10 My Buddy Dressed Up As His Cat For Halloween. Look At The Cats Face

#11 My Brother-In-Law And His Friends Won Their Office Costume Contest

#12 Made My Son A Pikachu Costume For His Wheelchair

#13 Toddler Dresses Up As Her Grandmother On Halloween

#14 Awesome Family Costume

#15 Taco Belle

#16 Me And My Gf As Purgers This Halloween

#17 My Sister-In-Law And Her Sisters This Halloween

#18 Harry Potter Character Costumes

#19 Stopping By The Apple Store In My Halloween Costume

#20 Mother Of Dragons

#21 Our Local Weatherman’s Costume Today

#22 I’m 7 Foot. For Halloween I Went As A Normal Guy On Stilts

#23 Guy Dressed Up As A Stock Photo For Halloween

#24 Our Couples Costume

#25 Even Cancer Can’t Stop Halloween – A Friend Getting Chemotherapy In Costume

#26 My Girlfriend And I Attempted Our First Couple’s Costume This Halloween. I Think We Did A Pretty Good Job With It

#27 It’s Him

#28 This Is Awesome!

#29 My Wife And I Made Daft Punk Halloween Costumes

#30 Note 7 Costume

#31 Come And Play With Us, Danny

#32 The Snail Trail

#33 My Husband. So Hot Right Now

#34 Dress Up Like “Dominoes” They Said…

#35 Amputee Adventure Time Costume

#36 My Wife And I Won Funniest Costume At The Party

#37 Dedication

#38 Hijabi Harley Quinn

#39 Pretty Unique Halloween Costume – Dead Body On Mount Everest

#40 Finished My Halloween Costume

#41 I Beat Cancer This Year And Lost My Hair In The Process. My 4-Year-Old Son Wanted To Be Darth Vader For Halloween So I Surprised Him As Darth “Mom”

#42 Man Cut In Half Costume

#43 I Was Transforming Mystique For Halloween

#44 Wife’s First Attempt At Making A Costume For Our Daughter

#45 The Blue Screen Of Death

#46 Here Is A Tyrannosaurus Costume I Made For My Son, From Mattress Foam And Spray Paint

#47 Last Year I Stuck 50 Samples Of Grey Paint Samples To My Shirt For My Office Halloween Party, This Year I Got Even Lazier

#48 I Dressed As Amazon Prime And Won My Office Halloween Costume Contest!

#49 My Son Heading Out For Halloween

#50 My So Decided To Mix Classic Halloween With The Trend Of Everything Being “Sexy”

#51 Bio-Luminescent Jellyfish

#52 This Kid In Oogie Boogie Costume

#53 Turned Our Closets Inside Out Making These Costumes

#54 My Buddy Dressed Up Like Turk For Halloween

#55 Friend’s Costume Had Me Terrified All Night!

#56 “Say Something” – “Something”

#57 Mother Of Dragons

#58 For Halloween, I Constructed My Own Rosie Costume!

#59 The Atoms Family

#60 My Friend Went As Walt Disney Fresh Out Of The Freezer

#61 My Cousin Lost His Arm In A Motorcycle Accident, So He’s The Part In The Movie Where Woodie’s Arm Starts To Rip

#62 A Terrifying Larp Costume I Made Based On A Hornets Nest Photo I Saw Last Year

#63 Wanted To Share A Pic Of Me And My Daughter’s Halloween Costumes

#64 My Halloween Costume

#65 The Wife Said “Let’s Do Sexy Costumes For Halloween This Year”… Game On!

#66 My Orthodontist Told Me I’d Have My Braces On For Halloween. Figured I Might As Well Use It To My Advantage. Wake Up, Fishy!

#67 My Boyfriend And I Decided To Go As Bob Ross And His Painting For Halloween This Year! Yes, That’s His Real Hair

#68 I Was An Acid Trip For Halloween

#69 Frightening Couples Costume

#70 A Halloween Costume Only Australians Will Understand

#71 Finally Finished This Year’s Family Costume. Ack Ack Ack!

#72 How Was Our Attempt As Mystery Inc.?

#73 We Dressed Up As Universal Healthcare For Halloween. In America, This Is Terrifying To Half Of Our Population!

#74 I Think My Girlfriend’s Weird Al Costume Is Spot On!

#75 Howdy-Ho, Neighbors!

#76 I Think I Found My Halloween Costume

#77 I Decided To Be A Galaxy Note 7 On Fire

#78 Happy Halloween From The Wetbandits

#79 Twisty Halloween Costume

#80 Goblin King And Daughter Ludo

#81 Ouija Board

#82 My Buddy Is Eleven For Halloween

#83 A Guy My Mom Went To School With Had One Of The Best Halloween Costumes I’ve Seen This Year

#84 The Pup And I Went As Bb-8 And Rey

#85 Someone I Know Made This Halloween Costume

#86 My Friends’ Silent Hill Costumes For Halloween

#87 The Most Terrifying Thing I Could Possibly Think Of