Even Though there are downsides in living alone it also can be beneficial in many ways like there are fewer responsibilities and less stress. We can do things in the way we prefer. When the number of people surrounding you increase, our minds tend to feel about how other people think about us. So most of the time we don’t behave in the same way we really want to be. When there is no one to stare at you we do very strange things and its fun so Being single and living alone can be pretty awesome, and these illustrations show why.

Created by LA-based painter, illustrator and occasional animator, Yaoyao Ma Van As, this series of illustrated drawings summarize the magic of living alone. From leaving your marks everywhere to cleaning up whenever you want – living alone really has its perks. Check them out and don’t forget to mark your favorites!

More info: yaoyaomavanas.com

#1 Enjoying Some Peace And Quiet

#2 Playing With Your Pup

#3 Escaping Reality

#4 Working Whenever You Feel Like It

#5 Enjoying A Cup Of Tea While Watching The Rain

#6 Doing Nothing All Day

#7 Dancing Like No One Is Watching (Cause No One Is)

#8 Cuddling With Your Best Friend

#9 Binge Eating All You Want

#10 Being A Little Clumsy

#11 Bathing As Long As You Want

#12 Enjoying The Little Things

#13 Having A Carefree Sort Of Walk

#14 Having A Party With Yourself

#15 Snacking Whenever You Feel Like It Without Anyone Judging You

#16 Enjoying A Morning To Yourself

#17 Meditating Without Distractions

#18 Working The Way You Like

#19 Treating Yourself To A Whole Batch Of Cookies

#20 Enjoying Some Quality Me Time

#21 Taking Your Time In The Mornings

#22 Creating Your Own “Fine Dining” Rules

#23 Dreaming On A Rainy Day

#24 Cleaning However You Like

#25 Stretching In The Morning With The Room To Yourself

#26 Having Your Puppy Around All The Time

#27 Waking Up With Your Pup

#28 Taking It All In On Your Morning Walk

#29 Melting Away Your Troubles

#30 Marking Your Territory

#31 Doing Laundry Wherever You Want

#32 Trying On All Your Clothes

#33 Releasing Your Inner Artist

#34 Being By Your Pups Side

#35 Working On Your Flexibility

#36 Making A Mess

#37 Leaving Your Hair Everywhere Because You Can

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