One of the purest bonds ever shared is the one between kids and their parents. Not that it needed evidence, but one particular incident shared by a Russian father described it even more. This Russian Father shared an incident that took place in his family on Reddit and you will be shocked to know about it.

As written in the post, one morning when he came down the stairs he saw his 17-year-old daughter asleep with a man they hadn’t known of. Instead of screaming and losing his mind at once, this father did something different. HE very quietly made breakfast, went back upstairs and told the rest of his family to maintain silence as there were people who were still asleep in the house.

They all sat down and the father yelled “YOUNG MAN”. The man woke up with his life almost stuck in his throat and started to move horizontally and vertically. The father continued “the breakfast is ready!” and he said it with a tone of gladness. He made the boy with the entire family, while everyone remained silent and stared at their plates.

After a tough 20 feet of crossing, the boy was patted by my son, who is 6.4’, on his shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes. It was clearly visible that he was very nervous. How could he not be? Then the father in his typical Russian accent asked, “my friend, I’m going ask you a question. The answer you give is very important….for you…” at this point, the boy was sweating. “Do you like cats?”

After a bit of conversation, they found out that the boy was quite likable and friendly but he was clearly uneducated. He was assured by his daughter that the boy was nice and genuine and that she has been seeing him for a month. After this, the boy started coming home every day. He just didn’t stay over at nights.

They took very less time to understand that the boy genuinely cared for their daughter. He made sure she was focused on her academics and that she was always home on time. He also stood beside her even when she threw random mood swings at him. The father was quite convinced by now.

It was only after 8 months when his son had told him that the boy was homeless and was the son an abusive father who killed himself and a mother crack whore. They lived in rented trailers and had been surviving 3 years by sleeping in parks. His daughter had met him in her riding school.

They decided on giving him a chance because he was willing to make his life better. They would miss him when he wouldn’t come due to work reasons. His son got along with the boy well. When they found out about his living, they gave him a key of their house and told him that they expected him to be home every night. They gave him a room and also took him out for furniture shopping.

It has been 15 years and his daughter is married to the same boy with 3 beautiful kids.

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3 years ago