In August 2018, little Beckett Burge was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. That’s a kind of blood cancer which marks its beginning in young white cells, located in the bone marrow. Unfortunately, the little man was only two years old when the family learned the devastating news.

Little Beckett had to go in and out of the hospital, spending lengthy amounts of time there sometimes. He had to go through blood transfusions, chemotherapy, as well as platelet transfusions, however, through all of that he has always had the unconditional love and care of his sister Aubrey, who’s only 14 months older.

Despite her young age, the little Aubrey has been a very mature and genuinely caring big sister. As their mom, Kaitlin Burge stated, the siblings have grown to have an ‘incredible bond,’ as Aubrey sees her brother as her best friend.

Furthermore, Kaitlin has expressed how Aubrey would prefer to stay at home and watch over her brother instead of playing with her friends outside.

In January 2019, Kaitlin took a very emotional photograph of her children.  Little Aubrey taking care of her baby brother as he leans sick over the toilet. The little girl is seen rubbing his back in comfort while offering assistance and encouragement.

Afterward, the girl went to the sink to wash her hands in order to take her brother to the couch. Then she has expressed her willingness to help with cleaning the bathroom.

Kaitlin thought that it was worthwhile to share the compelling photograph, as it emphasizes the significance of family support during such hard times.

After more than a month in the hospital, Beckett came home just in time for Aubrey’s 5th birthday.

However, Beckett’s changed appearance has led Aubrey to ask various questions, as she was becoming concerned with the condition of her once very lively little brother.

It’s approximated that little Beckett, now four years old, will have two more years of chemotherapy ahead of him. Nevertheless, he will always have his very thoughtful, sweet sister by his side at all times.

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