Shamsia Hassani is the first female street artist in Afghanistan and through some heartbreaking arts, she had shown her response to the Taliban coming back to power. In 1998 she had been born in Iran as a refugee and in 2005 she had returned to her country. She had returned with the hope of making use of art to cover the scars that were left from the war. She had done her visual arts degree at the University of Kabul. Then joined the faculty as a fine arts lecturer and a sculpture professor.

More info & Photo courtesy: Shamsia Hassani | Instagram


Art By Shamsia
image credits: Mymodernmet

There’s a fear among the people in Afghanistan that after the passing of 20 years the Taliban would come back to power again and about the treatment women would get. And therefore Shamsia had shared on social media what she feels about it. Her works that are mainly based on women were shared with the public. After that, she was praised a lot by people around.


Shamsia Hassani
image credits: Mymodernmet

During an interview done in 2013, she had said that in the past the society wanted women to stay at home and forget about them. And had said that now through her artwork she wants to remind them about women. She had said that in her arts she whose a lot of strength in women. And had said that she wants to show that women have come back after being more strong. Through her work, she wants to change the shape of women and wants people to look at them differently. 


Art By Shamsia
image credits: Mymodernmet

But in her recent painting like Death to Darkness and Nightmare, the color has become dull. Once again women are in a bad position and that’s how she expresses what she feels now. And in the pictures, the Taliban is wrapped in a black dress, and the woman is dressed in a blue burqa or a scarf. And the woman has a pot with a dandelion flower and whisps of it fly away. Maybe it symbolizes a wish they have. 


Art By Shamsia
image credits: Mymodernmet

During a public appearance Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s spokesperson had said that women will be respected under their rule. According to Associates press. Women are being said to move to schools and work but in some reports, there are contradictions. Anyhow there are women who are in fear of how they would be treated due to the past behavior of the Taliban. And Shamsia still continues to raise her voice and help women. Women for Afghan Women and Flyaway: Emergency Afghan Rescue Misson are some organizations to be considered if you are willing to help them out.


Art By Shamsia
image credits: Mymodernmet

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