It is an emotional situation when your loved one moves to an aged care facility, even though the decision is made by themselves. The sadness won’t only be experienced by the elderly loved one but also by the entire family. Your parents may grieve because they lose their freedom when they live alone. They may worry about getting older without the presence of their loved ones. They can also be anxious about adapting to new environments and living with strangers in nursing homes. No matter how hard you try to be strong, you will experience emotional distress too. You may start questioning whether it is the best decision to let your elderly loved one live in an aged care facility. At the same time, you will feel bad because you can’t look after them on your own. This emotion is an expression of love that is inevitable. Keep in mind that these thoughts and feelings are bound to happen and won’t last forever. That way, you can support your parents during the transition and adjust to the new living environment. Below you will find some strategies to do so.

Help Your Parent To Adjust Living In A Nursing Home

  • No need to rush

Do you remember when your parents sent you to school for the very first time and you face difficulties adapting to the new environment? It is similar to what your parents may experience as they move to a nursing home. According to retirement care advisors, adjusting to elderly care generally takes about three to six months. It may vary depending on the elders’ condition. Therefore, you should let your parents take as much time as they need to find comfort in the new environment. You can support them by spending your free time with them in the nursing home. Your parents may find it easier to adjust to the unique setting when they know that you will still be there to support them and you don’t leave them alone for good.

  • Help your parents to find what they like in the nursing home

Nursing homes offer various leisure activities for the residents. It can provide art sessions where the elders can paint on canvas, an embroidery class for those who are interested, or even some games sessions, where they can gather together to play dominos, chess, cards, and many more. Some aged care even invites a special guest to add more fun to the scheduled routines such as dance class. It would be best to accompany and show your parents the available activities and let them decide which one suits them best so they can make the most of their time there and find comfort easily.

  • Build good teamwork with the nursing staff

You should know your parents’ aged care facility and the environment very well. Communicate with the nursing staff about your parents’ condition. Be honest with them about your concerns and what your parents like and don’t like. It is important to fully involve them in assisting with the transition. With this method, both you and your parents can get along with the nursing staff. They can be aware of your requirements and your parents’ necessities so that they can provide the right care and support for your elderly loved ones.

Help Your Parent To Adjust Living In A Nursing Home

Adapting to the new living environment in maranoa aged care alstonville may not be easy for your elderly loved ones. However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, it will help your parents to see the bright side of nursing homes and feel comfortable living in one.

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