Your worst enemy is yourself.

Look into your life and see how often you judge yourself.

Self-judgment is the root cause of your unhappiness. It’s the opposite of unconditional self-acceptance.

How would you rate your success on a scale of 1 to 10? What would you say if someone questioned?

If you ask your loved ones to rate your success, will they rate you the same way you think?

However, Strayer University and Aplus collaborated to create a video and social experiment.

Furthermore, It’s a part of a campaign which aims to redefine the word “success” in the Merriam Webster English dictionary.

Strayer University reports that 90% of Americans associate success with happiness rather than the current Merriam-Webster definition of success: “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame”.

You are open to signing the petition if you are agreeing with this campaign.

Most of the times, you are too confident to think that your loved ones are aware of how you feel about them.

However, this video proves you wrong.

People were often surprised in the video when their loved ones rated them. Please check it for yourself.