Kevin Kimmel stopped his truck in New Kent, Virginia. It was January 2015. He was sipping a cup of coffee while having it he noticed something unusual inside an RV parked nearby.

He was able to catch a sight of a young woman through the window, she was sitting behind a dark-colored curtain. “An older RV, black curtains — in my world, that’s not natural,” he told WTVR.

As per the truck driver, that woman was in danger, the driver was able to notice her distraught face,

However, Kevin called the police by following his instincts. He ended up saving a young woman’s life that day and the more he learned about the occurrence, so he wanted to raise the awareness.

“I’m just happy I helped her,” he said. “I’ve got daughters.”

According to FOX8, Kevin still drives a truck — but he also tours the country and speaks about his experiences at anti-trafficking events. Since he and his fellow truckers spend so much time in places through which victims pass, he speaks about warning signs and the importance of following the rule that if you see something, you should say something. After all, one phone call could save a life.

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