Paradise, California suffered the deadliest and devastating wildfire in their history during last year.

Thousands of people lost their homes and dozens of people were killed during the disaster. The disaster also resulted in many animals, especially dogs losing their lives.

Even after a few months since the disaster happened, many dogs still lived in shelters. This is when a high school in Rancho, Cordova, California came up with an innovative solution as a class project to help the fur babies.

Students in a construction class in the above school made innovative dog houses for pups who lost their permanent homes due to the wildfire. The students themselves handed over the finished houses to an animal shelter in Paradise by loading them onto a trailer.
Ashley, a student from the school was given the responsibility to take leadership towards successfully completing the project.

According to her, their teacher came up with the idea initially.
“Once he told me about it, I just ran with it. It’s been a great project to do,” Ashley told a local reporter. “It’s a little bit difficult, but for the most part, it’s a lot of fun. The students are great, and they’ve been really helpful throughout the whole thing. They’ve been really dedicated, and I love it.”

When the doghouses were finally going to the Paradise Animal Shelter. Their teacher was filled with joy and was proud of the team effort.

He said, “It’s really great seeing them… putting together all the skills we’ve been learning in class and putting it to good use for a great cause”.

They are sending over 30 doghouses and a chicken coop in total.

Watch the below video to see the incredible doghouses these high school champs built!
Footage provided by KTXL Sacramento

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