Bald Eagles are not to be found in big numbers in the world anymore. So, the remaining population should be handled with extremely caution until they repopulate in numbers.

This story comes in from Blooming Grove side of the state route 17. A driver who was on the road apparently spotted this eagle and made a complaint to the highway patrol. Soon, it was responded by Trooper Bryan Whalen who arrived at the scene as soon as possible. Scroll down to know more about this story and do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comment section below!More info & Photo courtesy: Facebook | YouTube



When the officer arrived, the eagle seemed to be injured. He immediately informed the necessary authorities to aid him in securing and taking care of this bird. He carefully secured the bird off the road using his jacket. A busy road can easily hit helpless animals stranded in the middle of it and Whalen made sure that the bird is secured and it is out of danger’s way.

He had a Kennel with him, so he used that to contain the bird until further aid arrived.


Department of Environmental Conservation arrived afterwards to accept this bird to help it under their care. It was later taken to a rehabilitation facility where it is looked after until it gets its strength back. This Bald eagle is in care since people like Trooper Whalen took immediate action to rescue and bring it into safety without hesitation.


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