Hiking is a popular activity around the world. Just like its popularity, it certainly involves a risk. To minimize risks and dangers, hikers hike in groups. But it has its disadvantages as well. For example, you might get stuck in a conversation that you don’t want to continue any longer or you won’t get to rest whenever you want.

In light of such experiences, some prefer to hike alone. It does seem scary, but being smart while planning, vastly reduces the risks of hiking alone. Many advantages of hiking alone include going at your own pace, getting rest whenever you feel tired, and powering ahead when you feel like it.

Five Hiking Tips For Those Who Like To Hike Alone

Here are five tips to plan your hike if you prefer to go alone.

#1 Choose a familiar and popular hiking trail

Choosing a familiar and popular hiking trail for your first trip is highly recommended because you have quite a good idea of the dangers, wild animals and poisonous plants, in that certain area. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the hike turning out to be boring because nature looks different every time you look at it.

Now the latter part may seem a bit out of topic, but it’s for your own safety. Furthermore, it is less likely that the hikers you meet on the way will just come up to you and strike up a conversation unless you are in danger.

#2 Check the weather forecast beforehand

This isn’t about looking out the window right before getting off to start the hike. Weather changes fast, so it’s always precautionary to check the weather forecast to see predictions.

#3 Pack everything you’ll need

It is never too much to carry a thick jumper, food, water, and a first aid kit so that you’ll be prepared to face any shortage. Make sure to pay attention to seasonal items.

Five Hiking Tips For Those Who Like To Hike Alone

#4 Inform family and friends

Tell a family member or a close friend about your hiking plan, when you can be expected back and the hiking path. Don’t make or modify hiking plans at the last moment because the consequences will be severe.

#5 Drop by the ranger station

Every time you pass by a ranger station make sure to drop a remarkable hello, introduce yourself, tell them where you are heading and when you will be back. Also, they can inform you of the paths that should be avoided since they know the area better than you. Furthermore, it will be much easier for them and rescue squads to come to find you if you get injured.

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