Even without the participation of humans, our world still manages to astonish us with its miracles! and well, these aren’t even magic tricks, but coincidences that we come from time to time in supermarkets, the streets, on holiday, and even at our very own homes!

To be more precise that glitches as such occur in our surrounding, Auxx Me has been able to put together 22 mind-blowing photos!

At the very end of this article, you will find yourself looking at some exceptionally rare Street art as a bonus!

#1 If My Ice Cream Were A Person, They’d Be The Couple Standing Right Infront Of Me!

© Ezeoth / Reddit

#2 Dear Bus Driver, Please Don’t Drive Too Fast, For They Have Lost All Their Hair

© youandmeandrainbows/imgur

#3 At 7.11 AM, At A 7 Eleven I Spent $7.1

© trumpmctrumpface / Reddit

#4 I Needed More Sleep When I Came Across Them At The Bus Stop!

© awestgate / Pikabu

#5 When My Phone Decided To Camouflage With My Table!

© JDefined / Reddit

#6 Rare Sight! Two Different Food Brands Coming Together As One! Well, At Least In This Picture!!

© monkeyfrets / Reddit

#7 At First Glance I Saw This Cloth-Like A Man In A Trench Coat!

© _omin0us / Reddit

#8 Things Like This Can Happen Too!

© misterKras / Pikabu

#9 My Girlfriend And I Sharing Similar Toddler Pictures! So Much Alike Right

© ILiketurtles666 / Reddit

#10 A Coincidence It Is

© Whowantfreepie / Imgur

#11 The Chameleon Cheese Block

© Jester6641 / Reddit

#12 Feeling A Little Confused Now!

© YehBoiPisces / Reddit

#13 When My Teacher’s Hat Vibes With The Blackboard, Thought It Was Some Magic For Awhile

© ajlavanway / Reddit

#14 Was This Meant To Be?

© Mike91444 / Reddit

#15 When My Flip Flop Matches The Beach Layout At My Vacation

© pulpheroe / Reddit

#16 This Journal Was Meant To Be Mine

© rigoletta / Reddit

#17 When The Sunlight Touches The Balloon And It Appears Like Its Glowing

© godsbadday / Reddit

#18 My Bacon Turns Out To Look Like A Fried Pig

© FlaafyFlaff / Reddit

#19 Those Blue Letters Are Amazingly Carved That It Looks Like We See The Sky Through Them

© ivardj96 / Reddit

#20 I Hadn’t Even Measured The Size Even Before Buying This Sofa

© amindspin74 / Reddit

#21 The Perfect Fit

© greysoniscool2007 / Reddit

#22 Well, Sometimes Street Art Can Make One’s Head Swim!

© Mark Jenkins
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