The HIPA photography contest is an idea that has come to Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the hereditary prince of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is famous as a person who promotes art, poetry, and other aesthetic subject fields.

“Water” was the main theme. The grand prize was $120,000 in cash. The board members recommended three special awards this time as in the season 9, which were ‘The Photography Appreciation Award’, ‘The Photography Content Creator Award’, and the ‘Emerging Person or Organization in Photography Award’. Other categories were General photography, mobile photography, and portfolio photography.

There were two subcategories under the general category.

– Color
– Black and White

In the portfolio category, competitors were asked to submit 5–10 photographs under the same section.

The winners were announced on June 7 and an Australian ocean photographer, as well as an Explorer, won the grand prize of $120,000. She is none other than Jasmine Carey. Her award-winning photo was a Humpback whale sleeping with her baby calf in the deep sea. Carey took this underwater photo in the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific.

The Grand Prize Winning Photo

A blue whale with her calf
Image Source-Jasmine Carey

Here Are Some Of The Highlighted Photographs!

#1 Water: 1st Place, François Bogaerts

Image Source-François Bogaerts

#2 Water: 2nd Place, Shanth Kumar 

Image Source-Shanth Kumar

#3 Water: 3rd Place, Buchari Diken

A boy is diving
Image Source- Buchari Diken

#4 Water: 4th Place, Sourav Das

Rainy day
Image Source-Sourav Das

#5 Water: 5th Place, Yousef Zaabi

An old couple is looking at their image on the water
Image Source- Yousef Shakar Al Zaabi

#6 General (Color): 1st Place, Fahad Enezi

A white wolf
Image Soure- Fahad Enezi

#7 General (Color): 2nd Place, Yose Mirza

A muslim girl
Image Source-Yose Mirza

#8 General (Color): 3rd Place, Rashed Sumaiti

Bifurcate cubs
Image Source-Rashed Al Sumaiti

#9 General (Black And White): 1st Place, Talal Al Rabah

A bear is waling in the dark
Image Source-Talal Al Rabah

#10 General (Black And White): 2nd Place, Anna Niemiec

A man is walking alone
Image Source- Anna Niemiec

#11 General (Black And White): 3rd Place, Sujan Sarkar

Boys are playing
Image Source- Sujan Sarkar

#12 Mobile Photography: 1st Place, Apratim Pal

A ferryman with a boat
Image Source- Apratim Pal

#13 Mobile Photography: 2nd Place, Budi Gunawan

A bird is sucking nectar from a flower
Image Source- Budi Gunawan

#14 Mobile Photography: 3rd Place, Abdullah Alshathri

Image Source- Abdullah Alshathri

#15 Mobile Photography: 4th Place, Fahad Faraj

A couple
Image Source- Faraj Abdualhameid

#16 Mobile Photography: 5th Place, Navin Kumar

Refraction of a mosque through a thin cloth
Image Source- Navin Kumar
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