Any bee lovers out there? Here are some amazing honey dripping jewelry. These pieces of jewelry are made by Stephanie herself and it looks like real honey is dripping off them. But actually, it’s not really honey it’s hard resin. These jewelries are crafted at her Colorado-based studio.

The honey-like material is poured onto the metal bases that are in the shapes of honeycombs and let to set. These pieces of jewelry are like small parts of a beehive filled with honey. There are honey-dripping necklaces as well as beautiful earrings which are comfortable to wear. Though they look like they weigh a lot they don’t, they are light weighted and easy to wear. Clip-on backs are also available. In some of the jewelries are even small bees.


Stephanie is so much in love with these little insects that she donates Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association 10% of her sales. She had said that the materials and resin used in her jewelry are from Japan. And that it’s an amazing way to share her love for these insects. She has now started to train her loving husband and sister to help her with making orders. Check out and grab your own honey-dripping jewelry from Charming Little Fox on Esty.

#2. Handcrafted honey dripping jewelry, inspired by bees.

#3. Not actually honey, but hard resin which looks like real honey.



#6. Stephanie’s love for bees is visible in her work.



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