A famous central location in England, Manchester was a tragic sight on 22nd afternoon as a girl was found injured by a stranger at Queen’s Park. The suspect was a woman in her 30’s and she was taken in by the authorities after they were called to immediately.

A Helicopter was seen at the scene after the horrific tragedy.

Authorities were called at 2.30 pm and a huge crowd gathered around.

An eyewitness caught the suspected woman and laid hold of her until the police turned up and were immediately apprehended her at the scene of the crime. The police stated that this woman has no relation to the victim and the attack was unmotivated.

The attacker was first apprehended on suspicion of homicide but considering the fact that it was an unprovoked stabbing, she was later seized under the Mental Health Act.

ACC Russ Jackson of Manchester said during an interview that he cannot fathom how tragic the incident was. The victim’s family has been at the park when a woman randomly attacked the little girl. The girl suffered many injuries and had passed away shortly.

The woman was unknown to the victim and her family and was quickly seized by someone at the park and was held back until the police came.

Onlookers at the scene were shocked as they saw the young girl in a pool of blood. Many explained the scene of the crime, where they had seen officers and ambulances and a helicopter hovering.

The attacker was told to be a patient suffering from a mental illness and the officers suspect that her disorder was why she sprung at the victim and attacked her.

A Specialist Family Liason was sent to help bear the pain of the loss of family during this tragic time as this all took place suddenly.

Many took to Social Media to pay tribute to the small girl. People were horrified and left saddened by the fact that an entire family is destroyed.

People saw two women scrambling across the area after the attack.


The officers cleared the area and asked the onlookers to vacate.

Queen’s park was closed to the public and was declared a scene-of-crime.


A lady is seen placing flowers for the little girl as a tribute.


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