Even though the human civilization is past the dark ages where slavery existed, the ghosts of racism still lurks in the shadows. This is a sad story from the United States of America. The land of the opportunity tragically becoming a unfavorable place to live for its citizens.

Since the real estate prices went up, Carlette Duffy, a woman of color tried to refinance her house so that she could buy her parents a place as well. But to her surprise it was appraised almost to the rate that she bought it in 2017!


CBS4 Indy

She did two appraisals and both of them stated $ 110,000 & $ 125,000 for what she bought in 2017 for $ 100,000. This left her in shock until she read up that racism is a potential reason for low housing appraisals.


CBS4 Indy

This time, before the appraisal, she took down all family photos, art and anything that would suggest that this was a house which belongs to a person of color. She even got some help from a white friend of her to come and sit in the house while the appraisal process went on.

The results were unbelievable. The appraisal value has increased over 100,000 than the last two times! It was evident that the values estimated were clearly judged on racial profiling. Even though Duffy got the actual value appraised, she is not okay how the system treats different kinds of people differently when everyone is a citizen of the country. She now takes the matter to the courts in search of a solution for this unjust and primitive judgements by the system. Check out the video and the posts about this matter below and comment what your thoughts are on this issue in the comments section.




















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