With the current global crisis that is Covid-19, many more people are beginning to turn to something that they may not have necessarily gone to before, that being online course training.  With all of that extra time on your hands, it can be a great idea for you to turn all of your attentions back to work and try to avoid all of the scary news and other social media posts about what everybody thinks is going on.

Plus, with so many live events switching over to digital partnered with all of the different resources that are already available to you online, this is the perfect time for you to beef up your resume by taking some online course trainings and get some new certifications from Course Minds – The Best E-Learning Hub.  Here are some ways that you can start boosting your skillset from the comfort of your very own home for free.

Start Attending Virtual Events

Since just about the entire planet is on quarantine, events that would never normally be available to you online are beginning to become available online.  Some of these virtual events include Salesforce Connections and even the Adobe Summit, are going to be done virtually this year, as well as be free for you to attend if you want to attend them.  This means that these big events are now going to be free for you to attend and can be attended from anywhere with an internet connection.

In order to make the most of your virtual events, try to attend each of the virtual events as if you were actually attending the event in person.  What this means is that you should:

  • Always try to connect with other attendees
  • Post on all of your social media using the proper hashtags
  • Plan what workshops or talks you would like to check out in advance

Covid-19 Increased Online Course Training Certifications

Take Free Digital Courses

Right now is going to be easier than you could ever imagine in terms of furthering your career skills and your education.  This is because there are literally millions of different training courses that are readily available to you right now, thanks to some of the sites like Udemy, Lynda, Skillshare, and other similar types of sites available online.  Since Covid-19 is essentially keeping you at home for most of the day, you now have more than enough extra time to dedicate to learning and completing one of these digital courses.  What makes this idea even better, is the fact that some of these sites are now even offering discounts to all of the people taking action and starting courses right now while in quarantine.

If you are unsure about the skills that you should be focusing on, all you need to do is to read the job description for the position that you are hoping to get.  One of the best places that you can start with in order to increase the skills that you need, is to start by learning the skills that you know you are currently lacking.

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