Learning mixed martial arts, i.e. MMA, is not an easy task to do. While some coaches might tell you that it takes 8 months and others say it can take several years. But the reality is that the answer is not so straight and simple. Because every one of us is different so we have to choose our path and learn at our speed which varies from person to person. How quick you can learn depends on your experience with martial, how much time you can dedicate to training, consistency, physical health, and the school or academy you choose.

Your school and coach play an important role in growth and development. That is why it is important to choose wisely. Get your MMA gym bag ready and let’s see how quickly you would be able to put on the MMA gloves and get ready.

Your Martial Arts Background

It is easier to transition into or learn MMA quicker if one has prior experience in some martial arts. This is because those people have knowledge of many martial art rules and techniques that helps in the learning process. Experience in grappling based martial arts like jiu-jitsu, wrestling, judo, boxing, and kickboxing gives you an edge compared to the striking martial art styles like boxing, Muay Thai, etc. This is what generally happens and does not mean that a boxer or Muay Thai artist cannot succeed in MMA.

The reason why grappling based forms give you an edge is simple. Most of the MMA fights usually end on the ground. If you would not have good knowledge of this fighting form you will probably end up in a bad position. Which, would give the opponent an edge and open to win the fight. You should remember that mastering grappling is more challenging time consuming than mastering striking, kicking, and punching.

How long it takes to learn MMA?

Continue to train regularly and give it as much time as you can. Do everything you can to prosper and you will become good at it quicker. This time would be reduced more if you already have experience in grappling. generally, it takes about two years, more or less, for someone to become a good MMA artist. But don’t you worry if you cannot hit it within this time.

Your focus should be to go from good to better and become the best and not the timeline. Following the time impatiently you will miss many important lessons. So, you might learn everything there is but you won’t be good at it.

Tips to Increase your Progress with MMA training

So, how can I focus, learn better and becoming a better fighter? At some point, you would have to train and practice the chokes and submissions. Of course, at some point in the match, you will need to use these techniques too. Thus, it is better to start practicing them now instead of avoiding them.

Don’t be afraid of sparring and little bruises and scratches. Sparring and training make you become a better version of yourself. choose your school, coach, and training partners carefully. They are the ones that will improve and enhance your skills. Safety is of the utmost priority thus always be safe.

When training and sparring don’t always train with the ones you can suppress or beat easily. Conversely don’t always train with someone who beats you easily. It is important to train with a variety of people and learn as you do. Training with the same level or lower you can practice and master your techniques. While training with the higher level you find your weaknesses and perfect them.

Learn MMA

Bottom line

This is mixed martial arts, so you would have to train a variety of techniques and so much to learn. This increases the difficulty and time to learn MMA. But nothing is impossible so keep on working hard and smart. You will be there in no time.

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