Panic ensued after the College Board announced that the much-anticipated June 2020 SAT had been canceled. Many high schools and rising seniors were disoriented by the remarks. They had anticipated to be done with the standardized tests during the summer and start preparing for college applications.

To curb the decline of admission due to the unprecedented announcements, colleges have taken up new measures. According to 123helpme reviews most colleges are now flexible and do not require students to send their SAT scores in order to be admitted. They have adopted new exam optional policies to foster quick and thorough admission. However, one of the Ivy League Universities, Yale will not bend its rules. They are still firm that there will be sufficient opportunities for applicants to complete the standardized testing before the upcoming admissions.

The College Board is adamant about providing equal opportunities to all applicants by providing an online platform. They are working in conjunction with ACT to provide an online alternative to the SAT if schools remain closed during the fall. The College Board emphasizes that they will ensure that the SAT testing is simple, accessible, secure, and valid to use for admission purposes.

Students who had signed up to sit for the June SATs will have priority when it comes to registration. Registration may commence in August and end in October. There will be no charges for students who wish to transfer their registration. Students who have never sat for SATs will also be prioritized when it comes to registering for test centers.

The College Board is yet to clarify various factors and therefore has held back from making SATs entirely online. In the coming months, we expect clarification on exams accessibility, registration, preparation, and dispensation.

The College Board, in light of the upcoming changes, is running the Advanced Placement tests online. This will give them great insight when it comes to administering SATs online. Regardless of past failures of the College Board and ACT, this method may prove sufficient as it is highly needed.

The biggest challenge the College Board will suffer is security. The College Board and ACT will be forced to develop a secure online testing system for this to work. The board should also put into consideration the availability of infrastructure. Many low-income students will not be able to access computers; the board can work coherently with schools to make this provision.

How Online SAT Impact College Admissions


The concept of doing tests online for grading purposes is fundamental. With an intricate execution strategy, the college board can easily adopt this new method. Coronavirus has shaken the system, and one cannot predict how long the pandemic will stay. It is, therefore, essential to adapt very fast and reasonably. The transition may be a bit difficult, primarily due to infrastructure, but it can be done given the right strategies.

The College Board and ACT are keen on re-establishing order to admissions. They believe that the SATs are very instrumental in predicting a student’s success and make admission easier.

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