Our souls have the power and ability to select many things for us. They come to the world from time to time and our growth and existence are determined by our souls.

In many different lifetimes, souls are born into many different bodies. You will not have the same parents and friends in each birth but sometimes, you can have the same friends and parents too. It is actually you who decides these things before coming to the world by connecting with your soul and you would not remember making these decisions once you are in the world.

During your time at the source, you are the one who decides what kind of life you need to have, what sort of people you are going to associate and everything in-between. You pair with your parents and partners and other people who will guide you along this way. Sometime, you might even choose to reverse roles with someone that you had a close relationship within your past life. There is actually no any limit for the things that can be done.

Soul contracts consist of your time, date and location of birth as well as the family you were born into and all other facts from your birth to death. All that you do in your life is predetermined and even though you would not recollect the decisions that you made as a spirit, all that happens to you in your life is designed and aimed towards the life that you craved for.

But, never worry that you don’t have a free will or a responsibility about the things that you do. Because you have the full authority and power to make changes to the plan that you made. your soul contract is something that helps you to aspire the things that you want in life and it doesn’t mean that it will prevent you from doing what you want.

Sometimes, you might feel that you met the right person at the right time and it is because you are working according to the soul contract. Nothing around you is happening for ‘no reason’ and always learn lessons from the things that you experience. Always try to make your spirit self-proud!

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