Enter Portuguese artist Odeith, the grandmaster of illusion art, utilizing his talent with spray paint to create a stunning visual depth on flat surfaces. The results are so realistic that it’s hard to fathom they have all just painted illusions. His most recent feat includes transforming a cement structure in a vacant warehouse into a wrecked school bus. This mind-boggling piece is so lifelike, it’s causing quite a stir online.

Odeith’s bus is a perfect fit in the mostly barren environment, at first glance appearing to be an abandoned vehicle occupying an empty space. It’s not until you glance at the “before” snapshot that you realize this is a feat of artistic ingenuity. Upon closer inspection, one can truly appreciate the technical skill required to accomplish such a feat.

Odeith began by teasing his followers, posting an image of the block-like structure, and asking them to guess what he was planning to do with paint. Within just three days, he unveiled his masterpiece, leaving his followers’ jaws on the floor. The graffiti artist’s attention to detail is unparalleled, even going as far as painting the bus’s proper shadow on the wall, in accordance with the sun filtering through the roof opening.

Photos of the work in progress demonstrate how Odeith constructs the illusion by utilizing black spray paint to create outlines and indicate where perspective lines should meet. Yet, despite seeing how the piece comes together, the precision and accuracy with which Odeith executes his artwork are inexplicable. It’s evident that Odeith has cemented his position as the top illusionist in the graffiti world today.

Keep scrolling to see more of Odeith’s phenomenal 3D art.

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