A good mattress should be suitable for more than just a comfortable sleep. It should be comfortable to read a book before going to bed, have breakfast on Sunday morning and, of course, make love. Despite the fact that sex plays an important role in a couple’s relationship, few people take this aspect of life into account when choosing a bed.

Of course, the right sex mattress should be comfortable for both partners. The main thing here is to find a middle ground between the support of the spine, which is provided by spring blocks and rigid fillers, and softening layers of foam materials: natural and artificial latex, memory foam, soy foams.

Features of the model for an active intimate life

Any bed must have certain properties so that you can fully sleep on it: first of all, it must combine comfort and tangible support for the spine. A good mattress for intimate life must have several other important characteristics.


If you do not have a medical prescription for the stiffness of the berth, we recommend two optimal options:

  • Medium hardness: is suitable for regular sleep, provides comfort and orthopedic support for the spine. And at the same time it provides support for different positions in sex without causing discomfort. Moderate hardness, one step above average, suitable for people weighing above average. She is great for fans of non-standard love positions.
  • Moderate Harness: one step above average, suitable for people weighing above average. She is great for fans of non-standard love positions.

Despite the fact that the listed options are most convenient for both partners and are popular among buyers, when choosing a model for a young family, you absolutely do not need to be limited only to them.

How To Choose Mattress For Sex?  


A detail as small as the rattling of old springs in bed can ruin a couple’s sex life for years, destroy intimacy, and attract the attention of other relatives.

Usually, the characteristic creak of the old sofa is the merit of the old design of dependent springs. Today there are several more functional and less noisy options:

  • Models with an Independent spring block. In it, each spring is in an individual tissue bag and does not come into contact with neighboring elements at all. There is no noise in this design even after several years of use.
  • Springless models. They consist only of fillers and there is simply nothing to make noise in them. An absolutely silent option for any composition.


Of course, any mattress has a certain margin of safety. But each of them is designed for a certain user weight. And if a mattress with a limit of up to 90 kg per berth is used by people weighing above this limit, it will fail in a couple of years. When buying, choose models with a maximum load for your weight + 15-20 kg.

Large number of springs

Even with an average weight of partners during sex, the load on the berth and each spring doubles, the surface is pressed more strongly. If there are not enough springs to provide reliable support, all the forces will be spent on maintaining balance, not pleasure. In order not to fall “to the bottom of the crater” at the most pleasant moments, choose reliable spring blocks:

  • It has 500 independent springs per square meter, it provides tangible support for people of average weight.
  • The most modern and dense block with 1000 springs per sq.m. It is suitable for people with respectable weight and couples with a difference in build.
  • Duet double springs. Ideal for a couple with a difference in weight or different preferences for the hardness of the bed.


Partners of different heights should be comfortable in bed. A high mattress will help any couple find a comfortable position for making love. It is advisable to give preference to models not lower than 20 cm in height.

If you already have a mattress, but its height is not enough, you can supplement it with an orthopedic topper from 6 to 15 cm.

How To Choose Mattress For Sex

What mattresses are not suitable for intimate life?

All fillers and springs have their own level of elasticity, which can both add sensations and maintain rhythm, and prevent you from enjoying each other’s company. Here are the most inappropriate materials:

  • Bonnel dependent spring block. Of course, it will give a certain level of elasticity, but due to the small number of springs per square meter. (there are only 120 of them) Bonnel’s support is not enough to support the pair, the surface will be easily pressed and disordered.
  • Monolith made of ordinary memory foam. The top layer of premium garments is often memory foam. It is a comfortable filling that conforms to the shape of the body and provides maximum comfort. Its disadvantage is that a thick memory layer of 6 cm or more is too soft for more intense action than just sleep. You should not refuse it, but it is better to choose a layer up to 4 cm.
  • Thick slabs of coconut fiber. Here the situation is reversed: coconut coir has almost no spring and will feel too stiff. If you love this level of orthopedic sleep support, we recommend choosing a coconut mattress in a cover with fluffy quilting or complementing it with a soft natural latex topper as needed.
  • Thin mattresses up to 10cm. Such models are not used separately from the main mattress. It is perfect for flattening an old sofa or softening a hard mattress. But alone, he will not beautify sex games.
  • Covering layers of 1 cm on a spring mattress. Inexpensive models with thin layers of materials are well suited for a summer vacation, but not for a night of love. Each spring will be felt through a thin slab of polyurethane foam or coconut.
  • Old wadded mattresses and any “mattresses” with thin layers. In mattresses with a lumpy top layer, having sex is not only unpleasant, but can completely ruin the sleeping place. Read more: https://thesleepshopinc.com/best-mattress-for-sex/
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