In the first part of this series of articles, we look at the freely available company information that you can find there. In this article, we focus on the information the company provides if it is a UK registered company. This section provides information about searching the National Archives for company records in general, suggestions on which sources to use, and a list of companies in particular. 

This free resource helps you find business information for businesses in the UK and other countries around the world. We have a link to Reuters that you can use on your phone, tablet, computer or even the Internet to find information about companies from the National Archives and other sources such as Google. 

Companies are active or were dissolved less than 20 years ago And you can contact Companies House for more information. This information must be sent to the company’s premises in the form of a letter or e-mail with the registered number and address of the company. It is free to register to view this data, but you must register in person with the companies before viewing the data for at least 30 days from the date of registration. 

Find UK Company Information

If you want to know more about a company’s information but can’t find people or talk to them personally, talk to the people who work there. If you are interested in information about companies applying for jobs, Glassdoor is a good place for you. 

Simply enter the name of the company you are interested in and you will be interviewed with all relevant information in one place. You can use the website to search for more than 2 million public companies that have traded within the UK or have been registered and listed at Companies House. With just one click, you can see a list of all these companies, as well as information about their employees, directors and other information. 

You can also use the Companies House mobile app to search for company information on iOS and Android devices, as well as Android phones and tablets. 

The Companies House service includes a feature called Follow, which allows users to register on the same day they first visit the company’s website or mobile app. In some situations, companies will have to provide their registered name as the registered office or SAIL details have been removed, although it is now possible to ask Companies House to remove your address from the public register or withhold it from credit reference agencies. If you use a service address, the address must be published in public records, but not the name of the company. 

Companies House makes this data available to the public by removing non-compliant companies from the register and prosecuting directors. In addition, Companies House may review, store and update information about the Company, including the name, address, SAIL details, directors’ names and other information about their companies. 

To ensure that the data on the register is as complete and reliable as possible, Companies House is committed to maintaining a culture of corporate transparency in the UK. In order to benefit from the benefits of limited liability, individuals setting up a UK company on their own must provide the House with certain information. In line with the high transparency standards recognised worldwide, all registered companies must make the names of all persons acting as directors and members of the PSC publicly available. 

Once a company is established, the company must enter a number of details in the register, submit certain documents, notify the House of Companies of changes in the establishment process and update it on any changes since the establishment. This information includes the date of incorporation on which the last annual statement was filed, as well as the name and address of all directors and board members. 

This means that when you search for a company by name, you will see a number of names that may not be known to foreign visitors to the Companies House website. Companies that do not appear in the company name catalog are often identified by the company name they appear on instead.

Find UK Company Information

In short, the company search tells you what you need to know about a particular company or business, from general information to precise, in-depth details. To search for directors of a particular company, go to the UK company search page. 

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