Having a crystal clear swimming pool allows you to enjoy many benefits including refreshing dips, pool parties, healthy swimming, and more.

But maintaining a swimming pool in good condition as well as running all the equipment daily comes with a hefty price tag.

How to deal with this?

Herein, we are suggesting the 5 ways to keep pool maintenance costs down this summer:

1. Invest in a top-quality pool cover

A top-quality pool cover or pool enclosure can effectively cut down on both pool maintenance and heating costs.

A pool cover dramatically cuts:

  • Water costs: Studies indicate pool covers cut down evaporation by around 97%. This means you don’t have to spend extra dollars to prevent water loss.
  • Cleaning costs: Pool covers keep leaves, debris, and dirt from entering the pool. This means less cleaning and low energy costs of running the filter.
  • Heating costs: As per the US Department of Energy, installing a top-quality pool cover can reduce between 50%–70% pool heating costs. By using a pool cover, the pool heater doesn’t have to run all day to keep the water cool, thus reducing the pool heating costs.

2. Run a pool filter at night

The pool filter is one of the most important equipment to keep your pool clean. Many people run the pool filter 24 hours a day but this is just a waste of energy and money.

How To Keep Pool Maintenance Costs Down This Summer

Make sure to run your pool filter at night to keep energy costs down on your electricity bill. Furthermore, clean your filter regularly to avoid a host of costly repairs.

3. Use energy-efficient pool pump

A normal pool pump runs at one speed and wastes energy on filtration.

Instead of using a normal pool pump, invest in an energy-efficient pool pump having variable speed as it can save energy costs over the life of the pump.

A variable speed pool pump can operate at different speeds, allowing you to change the power and speed of the pump when your pool is in regular use.

Moreover, run your pool pump at night to pay less for the electricity.

4. Balance all the chemicals

Most pool owners face issues with pools when they don’t maintain the correct balance of pool chemicals and thus end up paying more money on bills.

It’s important to pay attention to all pool chemicals such as chlorine in order to keep the water safe and also to cut down the overall pool maintenance cost.

How To Keep Pool Maintenance Costs Down This Summer

Also, clean water means less time, and expense required to brush off dirt accumulated on the sides of the pool.

Pro tip: Test your pool’s chemical level to make sure that your pool is clean to enjoy a splash in the summer sun.

5. Clean your pool regularly

Cleaning your pool regularly is the best way to avoid putting extra pressure on your pocket. Some of the pool cleaning tips are:

  • Scrub and brush your pool once a week;
  • Use a skimmer to get rid of debris, dead leaves, and twigs out of the pool;
  • Regularly clean your pool filter and pump;
  • Vacuum your pool;
  • Clean the surroundings of your backyard pool;
  • Sweep off your pool deck.

In the end…

The swimming pool is a luxury escape in your backyard. Whether you’re investing in a new pool or renovating your old one, follow these tips to lower down the pool maintenance cost.

Happy Summers!

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